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Yeager's Poured Silver bullion items are becoming ever more popular in the silver bullion market. YPS creates extremely high quality and unique silver items that stand out in your silver bullion stack. Their products are often unlike any other ones on the market, especially when it comes to quality.

Sizes of Yeager's Poured Silver Bullion

Yeager's Poured Silver products come in many shapes and sizes. From 1 oz silver bar cubes up to 5 oz silver bar cubes you are sure to find the troy ounce weight that you want!

YPS Hand Poured Silver Designs

The greatest thing about hand poured silver bullion is that it is available countless artistic shapes! These are some of the most popular and awesome designs available at

Hand Poured Silver Mints

There are a countless number of mints that manufacture hand poured silver bars. Some of the more popular mints that manufacture .999 fine silver bars that ShinyBars carries are:

Atlantis Mint: Manufactures high quality hand poured .999 fine silver bars.

Monarch Precious Metals: Manufactures very appealing hand poured .999 fine silver bars in various sizes.

SilverTowne Mint: Trusted name in the precious metals market. Manufactures unique silver bars including pressed and hand poured .999 fine silver products.

Yeager's Poured Silver: Manufactures unique hand poured silver bars including unique 3d shaped .999 fine silver products.

ShinyBars Poured Silver: Manufactures a range of hand poured silver bars.

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Hand Poured 1 oz Silver Bar "Cube" .999 Fine Silver | YPS

Get your awesome Yeager's Poured Silver 1 oz Silver Bar "Cube" today! Beautiful hand poured .999 fine silver from a trusted name in precious metals. Offered at low premiums over today's silver spot price and with FREE shipping over $99. This is a unique silver bullion bar that will stand out in your silver stack.

Hand Poured 1 oz Silver Bar "Skull" .999 Fine Silver | YPS

Yeager's Poured Silver 1 oz silver Skull bar. It is hand poured by YPS with .999 fine silver and will certainly add excitement to your silver bullion collection! Available at low premiums over the silver spot price today.

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