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Hand Poured 1 oz Silver Bar “Nugget” .999 Fine | ShinyBars


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Our popular 1 oz hand poured silver bar dubbed the “Nugget”. Hand poured and hand stamped with .999 fine silver and polished to a bright silver shine. Offered at low premiums over the silver spot price and shipped extremely fast!

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Our 1 oz hand poured silver bar nugget is a must have for every silver bullion stacker! It is manufactured by ShinyBars with .999 fine silver and offers a fun, unique shape for a 1oz silver bar.

Product Features

  • 1 troy oz .999 fine silver
  • Unique qualities due to hand pouring and stamping
  • Unique design/shape
  • Side 1: Stamped with “ShinyBars”
  • Side 2: Stamped with “1 OZT”
  • End: Stamped with “.999FS”

We take care in measuring, pouring and stamping each of our .999 fine silver bars. After completing the product we inspect and weigh each one independently to ensure that they make weight and meet our quality control standards.

Hand Poured Silver Bar 1 oz Nugget by ShinyBars

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24 reviews for Hand Poured 1 oz Silver Bar “Nugget” .999 Fine | ShinyBars

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    My very first Shinybars nugget amongst my first order with SB, curiosity got the better of me and it went on the scales. 5% over the smile just got bigger
    From: karl | Date: 6/10/2015 9:12 AM

  2. .

    Nice size casting; convenient size and good quality.
    From: Tom | Date: 6/19/2015 9:37 AM

  3. .

    I love these chunky little bars. I ordered 2 and the minute they arrived I ordered more. They have great hand poured character and they are a unique size.
    From: Leesa | Date: 7/24/2015 11:15 AM

  4. .

    Such a nice piece. The look and size are fantastic. Very unique. It’s now my favorite part of my stack. I plan on ordering another one.
    From: Kim | Date: 8/15/2015 7:01 PM

  5. .

    These are what got me interested in shinybars. I only have 2 so far but I plan to purchase more. They might be small but they stack well with other hand poured brands.
    From: Colin | Date: 10/15/2015 2:50 PM

  6. .

    When you add these tiny nuggets by the handful to a L.A.R.P. leather pouch, maybe sprinkle a couple star nuggets and even a few 1 oz skulls. And you have the most irresistible treasure ever. Especially for kids. All my grandchildren have one. When they help me around the house or yard I usually given them something they can toss down toilet. Usually American Eagles until these arrived. Fantastic!
    From: Donald | Date: 11/3/2015 11:40 AM

  7. .

    Just recieved 10 of these I’m going to give them as stocking stuffers this year great company great shipping thanks
    From: Guest | Date: 12/10/2015 7:59 PM

  8. .

    I can get addicted to these. They are perfect. This is the kind of stuff that turns you into a silver bug. I’ll have to get more. I can see a beautiful vase filled with them.
    From: Michael | Date: 12/11/2015 12:50 AM

  9. .

    The little hand-poured bar is really nice . . . . and shiny. It’s the shape of a loaf of unsliced bread. I will buy it again.
    From: Ronald | Date: 2/12/2016 12:48 PM

  10. .

    The little hand-poured bar is really nice . . . . and shiny. It’s the shape of a loaf of unsliced bread. I will buy it again.
    From: Ronald | Date: 2/12/2016 12:49 PM

  11. .

    Hard to find little bars that I want to buy. This is another fine product from SB. Thanks!
    From: Brandon | Date: 3/19/2016 9:39 PM

  12. .

    So simple yet so clean and gorgeous.
    It is very compact and shaped just like a mini loaf of bread.
    If you want to take a closer look, here’s my unboxing from
    From: Jason | Date: 5/6/2016 2:54 PM

  13. .

    Want to give a gift that’s truly unique? These hand-poured bars are beautiful! Enhance your collection with old-world craftsmanship!
    From: Guest | Date: 5/9/2016 11:25 PM

  14. .

    Great little pieces that just feel right. But honestly after seeing how awesome these little nuggets were, I broke down and bought the kilo cube. Now just waiting on the mailman.
    From: David | Date: 11/7/2017 8:36 PM

  15. Lucus B. (verified owner)

    Perfect peice

  16. Leo P. (verified owner)

    Great piece. Got here fast with safe secured shipping.

  17. Josh H. (verified owner)

  18. Maureen K. (verified owner)

    SOOOO shiny!! Perfect addition to my stack.

  19. Leon T. (verified owner)

    I just received my 1st order from ShinyBars for the 1oz nugget .I couldn’t be happier with my very shiny piece of silver. To me this is what silver should look like there’s just no way a picture can do it justice . This was my 1st order but as Arnold Schwarzenegger said ” I’ll be back “.I definitely recommend ShinyBars because that’s exactly what you receive a beautiful shiny bar of silver ! Have a blessed & healthy day . Peace , Love & Happiness
    Leon The Old Hippie Tucker

  20. Robin V. (verified owner)

    Product was well packaged and received shipment quickly. Little nugget looks great.

  21. Dustin D. (verified owner)

  22. Michael M. (verified owner)

  23. David T. (verified owner)

    These are fantastic pieces of silver. This was my first order and everything was smooth, the shipping was quick, and the product is outstanding!
    I will certainly be buying many more!

  24. Nolan F. (verified owner)

    Only regret, is that I didn’t buy more. Now I can’t seem to find them on website. I will await their re-stock. Probably my favorite 1oz pieces in my collection!

    • josh b. (store manager)

      The nuggets are one of our favorites as well! We will get some more made soon. Thank you for your purchase and review.

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