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Hand Poured 1 Kilo Silver Bar “Square” | ShinyBars


This .999 fine 1 kilo silver bar is a unique addition to your hand poured silver bar collection! They are square in size and polished to a beautiful shine. Low premium over the silver spot price and FREE shipping for domestic customers!

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This is our giant 1 kilo silver bar square (32.15 troy ounce) ! These are huge and feel awesome in hand. They measure in at about 3″ X 3″ of awesomeness. The unique square shape stacks very well and allows for efficient storage. The stamping on these 1 kilo silver bar consists of the ShinyBars logo stamp centered at the top edge. In the middle of the bar is the unique serial number. The bottom left is struck with “1KILO” and to the right “999FS”.We take care in measuring, pouring and stamping each of these .999 fine silver bars. After completing the product we inspect and weigh each on independently to ensure that they make weight and meet our quality control standards. If they do not, we usually stamp them and dump them into our “Reject Bin” for you to purchase very limited and unique items!*Photo’s are stock photo’s. Due to variables in the hand pouring process each bar will be slightly different.


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