Hand Poured 998 Gram Silver Bar "The Cube" .999 Fine Silver


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This hand poured 998g silver bar “cube” is a truly unique .999 fine silver bar! It was intended to be a 1 Kilo cube but fell a little short on weight. This bar is stamped with serial number “0000” to designate it as a reject item that is a one of a kind! This shape offers a very efficient means of storing .999 fine silver bullion due to its nearly perfect cube shape with flat faces. It is offered at low silver prices and ships FREE to our domestic customers.
Product Features
Contains 998g of .999 fine silver (32.15 troy oz)
About 5.8 cubic inches of silver
Approximately 1.8″x1.8″
Hand poured Silver Bullion offering uniqueness in each bar

Stamped with the silver weight and purity
Individually serial numbered
We take care in measuring, pouring and stamping each of our .999 fine silver bars. After completing the product we inspect and weigh each one independently to ensure that they make weight and meet our quality control standards.

1 Kilo Hand Poured Silver Cube by ShinyBars

Pouring a 1 Kilo .999 Fine Silver Cube by Shinybars

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