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4 oz Silver Bar Hand Poured “Spider” .999 Fine Silver


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Our creepy and limited 4 oz Spider Silver bar! It is a unique and fun .999 fine silver bar that is sure to add some coolness to your silver bullion stack. This is a unique one of a kind product for your stack!

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Product Details This is a creepy 4 oz silver bar with a spider on the front! It is poured with .999 fine silver then carefully polished and stamped by hand. Each of these silver bullion bars offer a unique addition for your stack. The mold is manufactured in-house which offers a truly unique silver bar for your collection. This bar is limited to 200 bars! Why Buy This 4 oz Silver Bullion Spider Bar?
Contains 4 troy oz .999 fine hand poured silver bullion
Each bar is unique due to hand pouring and stamping
A unique 1 of a kind product by ShinyBars
Individually Serial Numbered and limited to only 200 bars!
We take care in measuring, pouring and stamping each of our .999 fine silver bars. After completing each hand poured silver bar we inspect and weigh each one independently to ensure that they make weight and meet our quality control standards. Check out the rest of our ShinyBars hand poured silver bars!

5 reviews for 4 oz Silver Bar Hand Poured “Spider” .999 Fine Silver

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    Any Stacker, Collector, Investor, etc. needs to get some of these before their gone. They are one of the nicest bars I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot).
    From: Brian | Date: 4/7/2017 9:02 PM

  2. .

    KUDOS to Shiny Bars to step out sa bit a do what no mint has done before. A Great bar with a solid relief and clear well sized spider a top of the face of the bar.

    You raised the bar LOL Get it? What’s next in this great square form.? A Great BAT perhaps? Please!!
    Grandpa Beef
    From: Philip | Date: 4/15/2017 12:26 AM

  3. Joseph L. (verified owner)

    I’m happy with purchase and nice.

  4. Lisa R. (verified owner)

    Beautiful bars. Great prices for hand poured!

  5. David H. (verified owner)

    Really nice precise piece!

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