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2015 Whitman Red Book US Coin Price Guide

2015 has come and gone but this U.S. Coin price guide will still remain useful for years to come! This guide offers insight into the value of your U.S. Coins.

Air-Tite 1oz Silver Bar Capsule

Air-Tite 1oz silver bar capsule's fit most pressed 1 oz silver bars. They likely will not fit hand poured items but are great for 1 Johnson Matthey, OPM and other similar 1 oz silver bars.
From: $0.49

Air-Tite Storage Tube Model H

Air-Tite Storage Tube Model H fits any silver coins or silver rounds that are in model "H" air-tite holders.

H38 Direct Fit Air-Tite Capsule

Direct fit Air-Tite capsule in the size of 38 mm. H38's offer an air-tite solution for your 1 oz silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

Quarter Square Coin Tube

Specifically designed to hold U.S. silver quarters. These are a great way to protect your U.S. Junk silver collection. Each tube holds 40 silver quarters.

Silver Testing Acid Solution

This silver testing solution is used for testing the purity of your silver bullion products! Find out if your questionable silver bar is of .999 fine silver purity.

Y65 Air-Tite Capsule With 47mm Foam Ring

Y65 Air-Tite capsules fit 5 oz silver rounds including the Fiji Taku 5 oz Silver. With the foam ring (included) this air tite fits and displays 2 oz Silver Mexican Libertads.