Buy Precious Metals With Bitcoin & Litecoin!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Take advantage of the recent Bitcoin and Litecoin appreciation today with an automatic 3% discount on purchases at! Lock in those gains and store some wealth with hand poured silver bullion and silver coins.


bitcoin chart. buy precious metals with bitcoin


We joined the crypto currency scene several years ago and continue to support this fantastic technology! It is our belief that Bitcoin and Litecoin will forever be ingrained into our society as a means of transferring value at a low cost. Because of this, we feel that accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin allows us to do our part in supporting the technology while offering other means' of storing and transferring wealth (Gold & Silver).

You can shop our select line of ShinyBars manufactured hand poured silver bars as well as products from other manufacturers such as Yeager's Poured Silver and pay for your orders with Bitcoin or Litecoin.

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