VIDEO: Pouring a 1 Kilo Cube & 10 Gram Silver Bars

We just wanted to present a couple of video's of hand pouring our 1 kilo hand poured cubes and the 10 gram hand poured bars. Any bars that are 5 oz and over are poured using one of our two furnaces while items under that amount are melted and poured with a torch and silica dish. Enjoy!

Review: YPS 2 oz Poured Silver Valentines Day Hearts

Just in time for Valentines day is the Yeager's Poured Silver 2 oz Silver Bar "Heart" just for you! Now go get some for your lover before the day comes and goes. These will only be manufactured up until Valentines Day 2016 which lands on February 14th. After that, they will no longer be available from the mint.

Episode 1: Pouring ShinyBars 1 oz Silver Bars

The ShinyBars journey of pouring hand poured silver bars! This blog post addresses some of our issues and lessons learned when pouring molten .999 fine silver bars and rounds. We will continue to expand on this series. Next up will cover the equipment that we use for pouring and how the equipment is used.

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